Gearbox Renewal in New Orleans

Our newest Service Center, New Orleans, is centrally located and equipped to take on the most complex repair tasks. With over 100 years of combined gearbox repair prowess and expertise on staff, state of the art reverse engineering technologies, and backed by a Fortune 100 company, your industrial gearbox is in good hands.

Why Amarillo Gear Service

At Amarillo Gear Service, customers can expect to be treated fairly and to receive a quality repaired like-new gearbox at industry competitive prices back by a full factory warranty. Our products are proudly Made in the USA and our aftermarket services are supported by a capable and experienced team of engineers, repair technicians, and sales personnel.

Examples of Products Serviced


  • MODEL: RPD44H-ANR-160 | 157.05:1
  • INDUSTRY: Pulp & Paper
  • SUBSET: Paper Mill
  • APPLICATION: Vertical tower primary diffuser drive. Prescreens fluff pulp.
  • BOX WEIGHT: 34,500 lb.


  • MODEL: 12HP2 | 25.5:1
  • INDUSTRY: Petrochemical
  • SUBSET: Phosphate & Potash   
  • APPLICATION: kiln drive       
  • BOX WEIGHT: 3,850 lb.


  • MOLD: 9507V | 19.48:1
  • INDUSTRY: Power
  • SUBSET: Coal Transfer  
  • APPLICATION: Dozer trap secondary feed box; conveyer belt drive         
  • BOX & MOTOR WEIGHT: 7,000 lb.


  • MODEL: N2104C | 6.77:1
  • INDUSTRY: Refineries
  • SUBSET: Petroleum  
  • APPLICATION: runs pump drive, Gould’s single stage water slinger
  • BOX WEIGHT: 8,200 lb.


  • MODEL: 110VBQ240S | 124.883:1
  • INDUSTRY: Power
  • SUBSET: Utility Plant
  • APPLICATION: Multi-input drive; air preheater
  • BOX WEIGHT: 6,250 lb.


  • MODEL: S750A | 1:1
  • INDUSTRY: Petrochemical
  • SUBSET: Refinery
  • APPLICATION: Emergency fire water pump drive
  • BOX WEIGHT: 1,830 lb.


  • MODEL: 1112 | 1:1.35
  • INDUSTRY: Chemical
  • SUBSET: Neoprene             
  • APPLICATION:  Increaser pump drive             
  • BOX WEIGHT: 1,565 lb.


  • INDUSTRY: Refineries
  • SUBSET: Petroleum             
  • APPLICATION:  Turbine drive    
  • BOX WEIGHT: 32,000 lbs

Amarillo Gear Service repairs or renews multiple gearbox brands across a wide-ranging number of industries.

Gearbox Renewal Process

Amarillo Gear Service provides a 3-step factory gearbox renewal service that takes a spent gearbox and brings it back to a like-new condition with warranty.

Additional Services

Since 1917

Amarillo Gear Company manufactures quality pump products and cooling tower gearboxes in Amarillo, Texas.  Since 1917, Amarillo Gear Company has taken pride in manufacturing quality products.  Amarillo Gear Service was created to meet customer demand for factory aftermarket repair services.  At Amarillo Gear Service we repair, or renew, existing gearboxes and bring them back to a like-new condition with warranty. Amarillo Gear Service repairs or renews multiple gearbox brands across a wide-ranging number of industries.